aw asty_cat_CBWqB-qU8AAjtzw(Frankfort, KY) — Animal World USA is pleased to announce that Governor Matt Bevin has proclaimed Kentucky Week for the Animals April 22-30, 2017!  During the exciting week animal shelters, rescue groups, and humane organizations across the state will be hosting fun-filled, lifesaving, animal-related events.

Educators, students, and caring citizens will be joining in as well, celebrating and helping animals. Events will include pet adoption days, spay/neuter events, animal shelter adoption/drive days, R.E.A.D. dog programs & book displays in libraries, multi group rescue organization events, efforts to help chained dogs, pet food donation ops, initiatives to help horses and farm animals, Earth Day activities, birding and nature field trips, therapy dogs visiting hospitals & living-assisted homes and a salute to our military K-9’s and working dogs. Animal shelter events are in the planning that include low cost pet adoption fees.

Also to be included are pet food drive/opportunities, low cost clinics, and spring-themed events for families to come and enjoy the amazing animals! Please note we will be adding events and activities right up to & even through the week. For more info, to become involved and see calendar, visit the exciting website